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I welcome you on the websites of the cancer clinic under palms.

My name is Dr. Johann Menser, I am the chief chief physician of the cancer clinic under palms. For many decades I have been conducting scientific cancer research together with my team.


It is not important to look for a remedy, it is important to know the causes of cancer and to eliminate it. Once the causes have been eliminated the cancer disappears. That sounds easy? Of course, it's not that easy. Accurate knowledge of cellular biology and the immune system are of course required, as well as a great deal of experience.

In addition, I also treat patients of the Dayeng Foundation on a voluntary basis.


Cancer is curable

because we know the causes.

However, after many decades of research, we are now able to defeat the cancer.


The error of the treatments lies in the system, both in cancer and in other diseases. No one is researching the causes. Clinics, professors, physicians, research institutes and so on merely consider the symptoms and then treat these symptoms with pharmaceuticals. But this system can not eliminate diseases, the pharmaceutical industry is pleased. Do you recognize the paradox? This is not our way, we are eliminating the causes and our great treatment success proves us right.


But why do most clinics still offer the so-called chemotherapy and radiotherapy? Most doctors and clinics are not concerned with the cause research. Cause research is expensive and unprofitable for the future of physicians. It is much more lucrative to offer chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and other pharmaceutical poisons. For example, 10-unit chemotherapy costs between $ 90,000 to $ 120,000. The application of chemotherapy or radiotherapy is not a big hassle for the attending physician and brings a lot of profit. Doing root cause research, studying cellular biology, and performing effective treatments is not lucrative for these physicians.


Well, we are not average physicians, we are specialists in cellular biology, immunology, neurology, virology and also pediatrics. So we do not go the simple and profit-rich way, we go way of science and honesty.


My colleagues and I support the Dayeng Foundation, as do many other international doctors and scientists. The Dayeng Foundation is equally successful in treating patients, especially those on lower incomes.


The human organism is like a river. In a river there are many microorganisms that provide for the life in the river. But when many chemicals, metals, toxic substances, and so on, are channeled into the river, these substances destroy life in the river. If you want to save the river, there's no point in getting more chemicals into the river. All you have to do is make sure that none of these toxins get into the river, so the cause must be eliminated. Is that logical?


Likewise, the human organism works. When many negative external influences destroy the immune system, there is no point in adding more chemicals (pharmaceuticals) to the organism. All you have to do is eliminate the causes. But most doctors do not, most doctors bring many more chemicals into the body. Root cause analysis? No, hardly a doctor does that.

We focus on the causes, that's the only way to successful treatment. Our treatment results are close to 100%, this fact confirms our right path.


Of course, our treatments are more extensive. We stabilize the immune system and restore proper cell communication. Especially the neurons are often very damaged, resulting in multiple sclerosis. In cancer patients, the now correctly working cells provide for the dissolution of the cancer cells, which are now destroyed by the defense cells. In other diseases, our treatment is similar.




That's why our treatment successes in cancer are close to 100%.







Multiple Sclerosis      Nerve diseases         Neurodermatitis        Allergies                   Asthma                  Epilepsy               Cardiovascular diseases      AIDS

But other diseases such as multiple sclerosis and other diseases of the nervous system, neurodermatitis and other skin diseases, allergies, asthma, epilepsy, cardiovascular diseases and all autoimmune diseases including AIDS, we treat very successfully.


Successful treatments

Best ambience

Why is our clinic located in the Philippines? The climate in the Philippines is very pleasant for the human organism and does not burden it. In contrast, the constantly changing climate in, for example, Europe, the USA, Canada around the entire West, is very stressful for the organism. Furthermore, the air at our location is very clean because we are on an island surrounded by the South Pacific Ocean. Our patients receive very healthy and, above all, chemically unencumbered foods. All these facts ensure that the organism can regenerate very well. In our treatments, we additionally repair the entire immune system including the lymphatic system. In western industrialized countries, our successful treatments would not be possible.


But the entire ambience of our clinic is completely different than in conventional clinics. Our patients are accommodated in a luxurious house directly on the beach, cold and stressful hospital atmosphere, as you know in the West, does not exist with us. The soul also has time to recover. Stress is locked out.

Also for these reasons, our treatments are so successful. Of course, our high level of expertise and our decades of experience in connection with our scientific research are the top priority.


Get in contact with us, we are happy to help.