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What is special about our clinic?

It is, of course, first of all the successful treatments resulting from scientific research. Exclusively specialists in cellular biology, immunology, virology, bacteriology and other specialists with many years of experience. It is the special atmosphere and the location, which is fundamentally different from a conventional, cold clinic atmosphere in unhealthy industrial regions, because also the psyche needs to be considered. The well-being of the soul is an important factor in supporting a successful treatment.

Of course, you will receive a head physician treatment, personal nurse 24 hours and your own house on the beach and the best seawater in the world.

The prices are given in the EURO currency because the US dollar is currently very unstable. However, we can always convert the sum up to date.

The periods of treatment are determined by the state of the disease, after we have the details of your disease, we estimate the necessary duration of treatment. A 14-day treatment is the rule, only in advanced stages, it is advisable to extend the treatment to 21 or 30 days.

Send us an inquiry here, we will tell you what information we need about your disease.

Treatment rates for incognito, for example politicians, celebrities from film and television, patients from the economy, etc., receive accommodation in a secure area with security-service, personal bodyguards and other extras as needed and in agreement. The prices for this after calculation of needs.