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The most successful cancer treatments worldwide

This statement is not arrogance, it is the result of many decades of intensive, scientific research and a lot of diligence. Now the media has also had to admit that our treatments are the most successful worldwide.

But we also treat other diseases very successfully.

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What makes you ill and how we treat you successfully


The human organism is like a river. In a river there are many microorganisms that provide for the life in the river. But when many chemicals, metals, toxic substances, and so on, are channeled into the river, these substances destroy life in the river. If you want to save the river, there's no point in getting more chemicals into the river. All you have to do is make sure that none of these toxins get into the river, so the cause must be eliminated. Is that logical?

Likewise, the human organism works. When many negative external influences destroy the immune system, there is no point in adding more chemicals (pharmaceuticals) to the organism. All you have to do is eliminate the causes. But most doctors do not do that, most doctors bring many more chemicals into the organism. Root cause analysis? No, hardly a doctor does that.

We focus on the causes, that's the only way to successful treatment. Our treatment results are close to 100%, this fact confirms our right path.


The following substances absorb most people without realizing it.



From where does iodine actually come from, which is being touted to consumers in iodine salt prophylaxis? It comes, for example, from Chilean saltpetre groups or is recycled in the country from printing inks, catalysts, X-ray contrast agents and disinfectants. The number of people ill with iodine continues to rise, while those affected mostly do not know that their disease caused artificial iodine. People suffer from extreme acne, skin rashes, conjunctivitis, asthma, cardiac arrhythmias, sleep disorders, restlessness, depression, nervousness, impotence, and more. However, doctors and health authorities do not explain this. Much of the population even believes that iodine-fortified foods are healthy. An error with fatal consequences for the health. The artificial iodination of food is a compulsory medication that contradicts human rights and self-determination and all scientific knowledge. Too much iodine, especially artificially produced, makes you sick!


Sweetener aspartame

Aspartame is one of the most dangerous substances ever released as "food" on humanity. Would you voluntarily drink a glass of methanol or formalin? Not sure. Why? Because it leads to immediate death! Do you rather drink a Coke-Light instead? Or are you chewing an orbit without sugar? Do you prefer to give your children a Coke Light instead of a regular Coke because of the risk of caries?

Effect of this chemical: brain damage, headache, multiple sclerosis (MS) -like symptoms, epilepsy, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, mood changes, skin proliferation, blindness, brain tumors, upset and depression or damage short-term memory or intelligence. Aspartame causes this and about 100 more, confirmed by long-term studies symptoms. You do not believe it? Continue reading!

Published by the Federal Drug and Food Administration (F.D.A), the US Food and Drug Administration over the artificial sweetener aspartame:

Anxiety, arthritis, asthma, asthmatic reactions, abdominal pain, blood sugar control (hypoglycaemia and hyperglycemia), brain cancer (proven), difficulty breathing, burning of the eyes and throat, pain in urination, hip pain, chronic cough, chronic fatigue, death, depression, Diarrhea, memory loss, fatigue, extreme thirst or hunger, circulatory disorders, hair loss, headache, migraine, cardiac arrhythmia, high blood pressure, impotence and sexual problems, difficulty concentrating, infectious diseases, laryngitis, sleep disorders, itching and skin disorders, swelling, muscle spasms, dizziness, tremors, nervous discomfort , Joint pain, nausea and vomiting, difficulty breathing, hearing discomfort, tinnitus, menstrual cramps and cycle changes, body aches and pains, allergic reactions, panic states, phobias, speech disorders, personality disorders changes, dysphagia, vision problems, weight gain.

Aspartame is found in more than 90 countries (since the patent of the company "Monsanto" or the subsidiary "Kelco" has expired) and is contained in more than 10,000 products worldwide.

The problem with aspartame is that it reverts to the basic substances aspartic acid (40%), phenylalanine (50%) and methanol (10%) in the human body.

It slowly begins to damage the neurons. More than 75 percent of brain cells are damaged before clinical symptoms of the following diseases occur: MS, ALS, memory loss, hormonal problems, loss of hearing, epilepsy, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, hypoglycemia and others. The manufacturer Monsanto and the official authorities of most countries are silent about it.



Fluorine is an important mineral and very healthy for the teeth, protects them against tooth decay, hardens them, which is especially important for toddlers. Or not?

Fluorine is dangerous, it is extremely harmful and even poisonous in almost any artificial form. It does not harden the teeth, but makes them brittle as well as the bones. Previously used as a rat and mouse poison, fluoride is now given to infants, it is found in toothpaste, mouthwash and salt, and in many regions even in drinking water.

What can fluorine cause? Allergies, cardiovascular diseases, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, thrombosis, strokes, diseases of the bone system such as arthritis and osteoporosis, diseases of the liver and kidneys, rheumatic phenomena, muscle, joint, leg and back pain. Even malformations in unborn children can be triggered by fluoride. The phenomena are thalidomide-like, with harelip, goiter and cleft palate.

Fluorides destroy the enzymes in the human body that are responsible for ensuring that all metabolic processes take place as intended.


Aluminum, barium, strontium, lead, mercury and more of these substances

All of these substances are in the air, mostly in industrialized countries. We do not want to talk about how these substances get into the air, it is important to know what these substances cause in the human organism.

These substances are deposited in the cell tissue and destroy the natural function of the cells and organs. These substances destroy the entire immune system. The consequences are: depression, nerve damage, nausea, gastrointestinal problems, multiple sclerosis, kidney failure, cardiovascular disease, liver damage and other organ damage, asthma, allergies, cancer, skin diseases and many more damage to the organism.


Our research

In cooperation with the Dayeng Foundation and other international scientists, we have carried out studies that clearly demonstrate these negative effects on the organism.

Thousands of people in industrialized countries were investigated worldwide. Research has shown that in these regions, no one has an intact immune system left. In all organisms we have found negative and also toxic foreign substances.

For comparison, we have conducted studies on people (nature peoples) living in remote areas of Africa and South America. In the organisms of these people we found none of these foreign substances.

These people did not suffer from cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, allergies or other illnesses that we call civilization diseases.

We then expanded our investigations to animals. It has been found that wild animals were completely healthy, even parasites like ticks and the like, did not negatively affect the immune system. The results were different for pets in the industrialized countries. The immune systems of pets were affected in a similar way as the immune systems of humans, even cancer and other diseases we have seen in the pets.

These findings clearly show what is responsible for today's diseases.


In our treatments, we use special methods to rid the organism of these toxic substances. We repair the entire immune system and re-start the organism, the entire cell communication is restored and the organism is now able to defeat the disease. The cells of the immune system repair malfunctions themselves, bind foreign substances and lead them out of the body. Cancer cells are also dying now. The results of our treatments are clear and the treatment results are close to 100%. We have been honored by the independent, international science committee.